When Your Child is Being Shy

It can be very frustrating when you child freezes up,

won’t join the group or hides behind your leg when you are trying to introduce them to someone new. Fight the frustration and take a breath. Be patient and help your child slowly gain the confidence they need by being supportive. Getting upset with them will not help them feel more comfortable and may embarrass them even further making participation even less likely. If it embarrasses you, simply say to the other people involved. “This is something we are working on, thank you for your patience.” This will help you feel better as well as let your child know you are there to help them. The other adults will understand.

This is something EVERY parent has been through.

You are not the only one and with patience and time, you can help your child overcome. When you have time alone with your child, let them know that being afraid to participate or to say hello to someone is not a behavior you want them to get used too. Help make an action plan for the next time so they can be prepared and know exactly how they are to act and the steps, even the words, they are are to do and say. 90% of the time it is the fear of the unknown. Help them to know better what to expect and how to handle themselves when things happen that they don’t expect.

If your child on the other hand knows no stranger,

and is the first to your child, on the other hand, knows no stranger volunteer for everything, help them learn how to spot someone who may be having a hard time joining in and teach them to be a friend. Teach them how to go up to that person and introduce themselves. Teach them not to just include others but to look for those who NEED including. Their confidence is their super power and they should use it to make someone’s day brighter.

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