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Why Olson’s Martial Arts Academy?

Ever Wonder Why the Olson’s do What they Do?

Click on Doing Good to hear the interview with Glenn and Amanda Olson on how and why they started Olson’s Martial Arts Academy back in 1997!

What their heart is for the community and how martial arts training changes lives in a positive way.


Doing Good  


On today’s episode, the Doing Good gang is talking with Glenn & Amanda Olson, the founders of Olson’s Martial Arts Academy in Johnson City. Tune in to this episode to hear how the Olson’s got their start in martial arts, and learn about the positive impact they’re having on the community.
Doing Good is hosted by Dr. Becky Powers, Josh Smith, Susanna Digby, and Elijah Smith. 

Olson’s Martial Arts Academy

113 Cherry St. #10    Johnson City, TN  37604


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