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Debbie Miles

Everything you have taught children from day 1 just paid off...You know for sure that you saved a child’s life, that’s worth it all...Thank you......

Nani Hilbert

Our daughter has been at Olsen's since March of 2018. She started when she was 5 and has blossomed under the leadership program. She absolutely loves taking class and loves all the friends that she has made. Her confidence has soared and her self-control has improved. We love Olsen's and their programming.

K. Disgdiertt

I am incredibly Grateful that we found this school. The instructors are amazing..everyone is so encouraging. These are really beautiful people!

Ethan McInturff

Driven Thank you all for being like my second family and making me into the confident and driven person I am today.  You have played a tremendous role in my entire life.  My instructorship and martial arts training at the school is the majority of the reason I got appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

J. Della

Thank you for 9 years of marital arts training for our girls. You have made a lasting impact on their lives. They are stronger, more confident, and more physically aware because of your teaching.

The Oakley's

We have been impressed with the Olson is great to see the system in place to teach the kids not only martial arts, bus basi principles that can be applied in all aspects of life.

Sammie Willis

I am truly happy with my new FAMILY. I really had no idea that martial arts could greatly improve my mental and physical health as quick as it has happened. The Olson Tribe are a very important part of my life now and I am FOREVER grateful. Thank You for helping me Evolve into a Better Version of Myself.

Cora Sutphin

you all do a great job I know of no child that doesn't love you all including my niece and nephew Lindsey and logan

C. Overby

Our 5 year old son has been enrolled at Olson’s for 8 months and I cannot express enough how impressed and grateful we are for the entire Olson family and their amazing staff. It is truly a state of the art academy that is not just about the physical training of taikwondo....oh, they are soo much more than that! They come alongside families to encourage and support us while pouring into our children and preparing them to be good stewards of this world. My 5 year old is learning about bullying, diversity, respect, perservence, courtesy, integrity, humbleness, focus, concentration, manners, patience, social skills, self control, and the list goes on and on....all while getting amazing physical training. He absolutely loves it! He loves ALL of his instructors! I love that he loves it!! He excitedly goes to class about 3 times per week, attends seminars, seasonal parties, community events, and one of my favorites (his, too) is the good grades party ...if he has good grades and attitude at school/home and a parent and teacher signs off then he gets celebrated for that at a party...what amazing encentive is that! Olson’s has also been great for us because we do not have a lot of family in this area and having their encouragement and support has been tremendous for us and our son, it gives us a great sense of belonging to the community they have built. We see this not just as another extra curricular activity but as an actual investment into his future, just as with any other formal education/training, that will make him a better student, leader, helper, friend, and citizen. We are honored to be a part of the Olson community, we are grateful for how they are making the world a more beautiful and kind place one child/parent/adult at a time.

Andrew McCormick

We see it (the training) as an investment into our child’s future.

K. Collake

My son has been a student here for 5 years. The Olson’s are amazing. It's a great atmosphere for kids to learn physical as well as moral lessons. I can't say enough wonderful things about them.

Hayden Hale

You two have been a mentor, instructor, friend, boss, role model and much more to me over the years… Who I am today is rooted heavily in my time spent training and teaching at the school and continues to define me as I grow….I have started to see how I have grown as a person; becoming more respectful, courteous…learning to lead, how to follow, how to work well at a job and much more.

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