Amanda Olson teaching martial arts

Be Better Than Me – My Martial Arts Training

As a young Taekwondo student, I remember as a blue belt training in class with my friends after school each day. I was in the 6th grade and absolutely loved going to Taekwondo class almost every afternoon after school.  My instructor always trained us hard.  Making us do push-ups, run jump kicks, self-defense, stretching and […]
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Life Lessons from a Master Martial Artist

Diversity and Leadership Training I grew up in a small town in Florida that was sandwiched in between two US Air Force Bases.  There were people coming and going from all over the world.  Also, being a tourist area on the beaches people from all over came to visit.  Living in a community with a […]
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Amanda Olson

Martial Arts Helps With Motivation

Life Lessons from a Karate Master    Martial Arts Lesson #1 Recently, I performed a 100-board break to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at a Karate tournament.  It was one of the hardest things I have physically endured in Martial Arts!  I’ve broken many boards in my 40 years of Taekwondo training; some […]
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parent helping a child with schoolwork

Community Resource

Our Community Resource page is perfect location for all of our community members, martial arts students and our kids karate program parents to visit. From our martial arts News and Events to our Pro-shop we have you covered. Our academy and our professional martial arts staff of instructors completely understand the value of communication. This […]
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