• When Your Child is Being Shy – Master Mom Amanda Olson

    It can be very frustrating when you child freezes up, won't join the group or hides behind your leg when you are trying to introduce them to someone new. Fight the frustration and take a breath. Be patient and help your child slowly gain the confidence they need by being supportive. Getting upset with them will not help them feel more comfortable and may embarrass them even further making participation even less likely. If it embarrasses you, simply say to the other people involved. "This is something we are working on, thank you for your patience." This will help you feel better as well as let your child know you are there to help them. The other adults will understand. This is something EVERY parent has been through. You are not the only one and with patience and time, you can help your child overcome. When you have time alone with your child, let them know that being afraid to participate or to say hello to someone is not a behavior you want them to get used too. Help make an action plan for the next time so they can be prepared and know exactly how they are to act and the steps, even the words, they are are to do and say. 90% of the time it is the fear of the unknown. Help them to know better what to expect and how to handle themselves when things happen that they don't expect. If your child, on the other hand, knows no stranger and is the first to volunteer for everything, help them learn how to spot someone who may be having a hard time joining in and teach them to be a friend. Teach them how to go up to that person and introduce themselves. Teach them not to just include others but to look for those who NEED including. Their confidence is their super power and they should use it to make someone's day brighter. Master Mom - Amanda Olson Master Amanda Olson is: • A Master Martial Artist and Instructor of Taekwondo and Tai Chi. o She teaches at her local Academy and Virtually online. • An Author of 2 Books – “Create a Happy and Harmonious Home” and “Parenting Survival Guide” o You can find her books on Amazon by following this link. • A Public Speaker – Topics include o Building Confident Children at Home o Helping Teens with Stress o Bringing Harmony to Your Home o Taking Control of Your Life • You can find her on: o YouTube – Master Mom and Olson’s Martial Arts o WJHL TV – Daytime Tri-Cities o Super Talk 92.9 Radio Show o Facebook  Amanda Olson  Olson’s Martial Arts  Master Amanda’s Virtual Tai Chi o Websites  Olsonsma.com  Askmastermom.com o Write to her at – Olson’s Martial Arts Academy, INC • 113 Cherry St. #10 Johnson City, TN 37604 o Email Her: amanda@askmastermom.com
  • Apathy in Children: Master Amanda Olson Says it’s a Warning Sign

    When your child is apathetic and seems to never to care, it can be a sign that they don't feel in control. That it never matters what they want to do, or where they want to go, or what they have to say. They feel that no one listens to them anyway. Now, every now and then it really doesn't matter. "Where do you want to go for dinner?" and normal response we all often have is "It doesn't matter, you pick." However, when this seems to be the go to statement or when they seem to not care about things that are fun to do, it might be time to sit down and talk. Always pay attention to changes in your child's behaviour. Especially with sleep, diet, social changes and even mood. It's best to not pass this off as a phase but to take time to really check in and make sure everything is okay. Master Mom - Amanda Olson From the Olson Family We would first like to say, “Welcome!” It is our goal to provide the best martial arts training in a safe and encouraging environment. As a family we have devoted our lives to not only training the physical aspects of martial arts to thousands of people but the mental and emotional aspects, as well. Our goal is to help each student achieve Black Belt and Beyond. The reason for this is that we know from over 40 years of experience teaching martial arts that when a student experiences the awarding of a Black Belt, they soar with confidence. What it Takes to become a Martial Arts Black Belt It takes commitment, perseverance, goal setting and a strong work ethic to earn that belt. Even at a young age people know that a black belt in martial arts means something important. It shows you don’t quit; you don’t give up. That you have what it takes! Once you’ve done that, you know you can do anything you set your mind to: like getting into a great college, starting a career, making the team, anything you want. We love to hear the success stories of our students after they have gone off to college and started lives and families of their own. However, we are not surprised by their success. We already know they have what it takes to live their dream. Character Development Another goal we have as a family is to support families and help reinforce the qualities of character you desire for your child to have. Our proven character development and leadership program includes lessons from making eye contact to handling conflict. Also, speaking up and showing confidence ,as well as, standing strong for what you believe is right. Our desire is to train black belts who are not only highly skilled in the art of self-defense but who are kind, compassionate, confident citizens of our communities. People who have a strong work ethic and will show “Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Respect”, everywhere they go. Let us Partner with You! http://askmastermom.com amanda@askmastermom.com Because of this, we want to partner with you, the parents and families, in helping give your child a strong foundation in values, to be able to stand up for themselves and others, to make good choices, and to live a healthy lifestyle. Please don’t hesitate to speak with us if there is ever a point where we can help with question or concerns from motivation to troubles with bullying. We are committed to helping each of our students live a happier, safer and more confident life. Sincerely, Glenn, Amanda, Keith and Katie https://olsonsma.com
  • Master Amanda Olson on How to Handle Differences Respectfully

    We all want our children to grow into independant, capable adults. However, as they start to grow and begin to have different ideas and opinions of the world than you do, clashes can occur. As parents we need to understand that this is an inevitable part of growing up and we want to teach our children that having different opinions doesn't mean you can't have mutual respect. You don't have to always agree with with your budding young adult and they won't always agree with you. Focus on the level of respect in the conversation, not the difference of opinions. Now, that is not to say that they don't follow the rules of the household. It is after all, your house. But, politics, religion, social situations; these are areas they will begin to explore their own beliefs about. If we teach them that discussions can be had with respect and that sometimes we can agree to disagree, this will help them as they go into the outside world and have conversations with others. Wouldn't you rather be able to talk to them about these important issues together instead of them going to someone else? Work together, respect each other, and as difficult as it may be, let them grow into the person they were meant to be. All the while knowing you are there to support them and love them along the way. Master Mom - Amanda Olson
  • Master Mom and Scotty Campbell on RESPECT and Martial Arts

    Now more than ever RESPECT is needed in our lives. Master Amanda speaks about how martial arts training can be a valuable tool in helping children and adults learn how to respect each other. Master Amanda Olson is: A Master Martial Artist and Instructor of Taekwondo and Tai Chi. She teaches at her local Academy and Virtually online. An Author of 2 Books – “Create a Happy and Harmonious Home” and “Parenting Survival Guide” You can find her books on Amazon by following this link. A Public Speaker – Topics include Building Confident Children at Home Helping Teens with Stress Bringing Harmony to Your Home Taking Control of Your Life You can find her on: YouTube – Master Mom and Olson’s Martial Arts WJHL TV – Daytime Tri-Cities Super Talk 92.9 Radio Show Facebook Amanda Olson Olson’s Martial Arts Master Amanda’s Virtual Tai Chi Websites Olsonsma.com Askmastermom.com Write to her at – Olson’s Martial Arts Academy, INC 113 Cherry St. #10 Johnson City, TN 37604 Email Her: amanda@askmastermom.com
  • The Benefits of Tai Chi for Health and Stress Relief

    Master Amanda's Students discuss how Tai Chi has benefited their well being. Many students enjoy increased range of motion, better posture, better balance and find the breathing techniques to be relaxing. Each student has a reason for joining and many are pleasantly surprised that their health improves in ways they never expected. Subscribe to Master Amanda's YouTube Channel by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuG0JU_B4Cp1N_YoFe-3xmg?view_as=subscriber Book an appointment with her: Virtual on Zoom https://amandastaichi.youcanbook.me OR In person at her Academy: https://teenadultintroductorylesson.youcanbook.me
  • Master Mom Amanda Olson and Master Greg Macy discuss Leadership, Martial Arts, Family Life and the Covid-19 Crisis

    Master Martial Arts instructor from around the country talk to their students and families about how they can be leaders at home and in their communities during the covid-19 crisis. Master Macy runs Ripple Effects Martial Arts in Colorado Master Amanda teaches virtually and in person at Olson's Martial Arts Academy. Both academies offer a full character development program along with effective and dynamic martial arts classes.
  • Amanda Olson – Master Mom Interviews Dr. Kim Contryman on the Benefits of Martial Arts Training for All Ages

    Dr. Contryman is a licensed Physical Therapist with her own private practice, BlueRidge Physical Therapy in Johnson City, TN. She explains from a scientific background how karate, jiu jitsu and tai chi helps a person both physically and mentally. As a practitioner herself in martial arts for the past 8 years she has a qualified and unique perspective to offer. She is also the parent of two daughters who train in karate, jiu jitsu and tai chi so she can speak to how these arts also help children build self-esteem and self-control. You can hire Amanda Olson to speak to your group either virtually through skype and zoom or in person. Besides being a Master in Martial Arts, Amanda is an experienced speaker on Building Confident Children at Home, Creating Harmony and Home through Easy Discipline Techniques and on how to help Teens and Young Adults work through stress in their lives. You can contact her at amanda@askmastermom.com or call 423-926-9161. AskMasterMom.Com OlsonsMA.Com