Master Amanda Olson on How to Handle Differences Respectfully

We all want our children to grow into independant, capable adults. However, as they start to grow and begin to have different ideas and opinions of the world than you do, clashes can occur. As parents we need to understand that this is an inevitable part of growing up and we want to teach our children that having different opinions doesn't mean you can't have mutual respect. You don't have to always agree with with your budding young adult and they won't always agree with you. Focus on the level of respect in the conversation, not the difference of opinions. Now, that is not to say that they don't follow the rules of the household. It is after all, your house. But, politics, religion, social situations; these are areas they will begin to explore their own beliefs about. If we teach them that discussions can be had with respect and that sometimes we can agree to disagree, this will help them as they go into the outside world and have conversations with others. Wouldn't you rather be able to talk to them about these important issues together instead of them going to someone else? Work together, respect each other, and as difficult as it may be, let them grow into the person they were meant to be. All the while knowing you are there to support them and love them along the way. Master Mom - Amanda Olson