Amanda Olson – Master Mom Interviews Dr. Kim Contryman on the Benefits of Martial Arts Training for All Ages

Dr. Contryman is a licensed Physical Therapist with her own private practice, BlueRidge Physical Therapy in Johnson City, TN. She explains from a scientific background how karate, jiu jitsu and tai chi helps a person both physically and mentally. As a practitioner herself in martial arts for the past 8 years she has a qualified and unique perspective to offer. She is also the parent of two daughters who train in karate, jiu jitsu and tai chi so she can speak to how these arts also help children build self-esteem and self-control. You can hire Amanda Olson to speak to your group either virtually through skype and zoom or in person. Besides being a Master in Martial Arts, Amanda is an experienced speaker on Building Confident Children at Home, Creating Harmony and Home through Easy Discipline Techniques and on how to help Teens and Young Adults work through stress in their lives. You can contact her at or call 423-926-9161. AskMasterMom.Com OlsonsMA.Com